On the Nose

  • Spiced citrus
  • Honey
  • Juniper

On the Palate

  • Sweet citrus peel
  • Fresh pine
  • Lychee

How to Use It

  • In a cocktail


Sông Cái Negroni

2 fl oz Sông Cái Dry Gin
30ml Campari
20ml Rosso Vermouth

Garnish: Orange Rind

Inspiration behind the product

Our Master Distiller and Founder, Daniel Nguyen

Prior to the distillery, Daniel worked extensively in sustainable agroforestry and ethnobotany. Following years of researching the biodiversity and ethnobotany of rural highland Vietnam, Daniel partnered with multi-generational foragers and farmers in the highlands of Việt Nam to source botanicals for what would become the first gin ever distilled in the country. Now, working with over 70 families and 3 localities, Sông Cái works not only to build economic models to source botanicals but also partners with local communities in reforestation efforts and building native seed banks.

What makes it unique

The signature Sông Cái Dry Gin can be had neat, over the rocks, or as a strong versatile base that carries a cocktail from start to finish. Using a large amount of heirloom botanicals found only in Vietnam, the nose, taste and finish of this gin stands out in every way.