On the Nose

  • Intense
  • Floral
  • Simple

On the Palate

  • Pure
  • Enveloping
  • Persistent

How to Use It

  • On its own


Figli dei Fiori on the Rocks

The name “Figli dei Fiori” translates to “flower children” and represents the many journeys these products can take you on. The flavours and fragrances can have you caressing the genepy fields high up in the mountains, feeling the warmth of golden saffron, enjoying the scent of chamomile meadows and jasmine bushes or relaxing in the shade of an elder tree in full bloom.

And then there are the bottles in the middle of the table ... like a bunch of flowers gathered during the walk.

Inspiration behind the product

To Argalà, Pastis Artigianale represents their cultural and geographical link to France, where the spirit is traditionally enjoyed. In their valley it reminds them of the many friends and relatives that live across the border, and is the most common way to toast before a meal. After many years in the kitchen tasting and testing their own recipe, they decided to officially start the production of the first Italian handcrafted Pastis in 2011.

What makes it unique

Each of the 5 Figli dei Fiori liqueurs is dedicated to capturing the essence of a specific flower from the alpine region. They are mono-botanical liqueurs where only one flower is macerated and added to a variety of other herbs and spices. These floral flavours become the star of the show in a lineup that includes chamomile, jasmine, genepy, elderflower, and saffron.