On the Nose

  • New
  • Intense
  • Herbaceous

On the Palate

  • Sweet
  • Wild fennel
  • Murgia Barese

How to Use It

  • In a cocktail
  • Aperitif
  • Digestif
  • On its own


Exotic Fizz

To make your own refreshing cocktail: take 3/4 part filtered lime juice, 2 Pour into shaker with ice, 1 part exotic gin (if you don't have exotic gin you can put your London dry gin, 3/4 parts Wild Spirit "unconventional bitter" and 3/4 parts sugar syrup. Shake for a few seconds and pour into a tall tumbler filled with ice. Add yozu tonic (a lemon or tangerine flavored tonic is also fine) and top with a lemon wedge. Your "Exotic Fizz" gin is ready to serve.

Inspiration behind the product

The recipe for Spirito Selvaggio has very ancient origins. Every Apulian family dabbled in homemade liqueur every day, and so many years ago, after various trials, the Amaro came to life, produced in a few dozen bottles to give as gifts to friends and relatives during the Christmas holidays. Today it is re-proposed in a modern key to be accompanied on a special evening or to serve as the base of an innovative and fragrant cocktail.

What makes it unique

Our first liqueur could only be a hymn to tradition and the territory. We present the tradition of our land.. WILD SPIRIT "unconventional bitter" made in an artisanal way with a delicate infusion of wild fennel typical of the Apulian Murgia at its base. Precious, fresh, herbaceous,
Enjoy the simple pleasures in life!