Nordic Ethanol

Honouring Traditions, Authenticity and Craftsmanship

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Michelin Chefs Turned Distillers

Nicolai and Jonas began their careers in the Michelin restaurants of Denmark, before in 2018 coming together to set up their own distillery, Nordic Ethanol, in Copenhagen. Both highly trained chefs, they brought with them all their passion, expertise, and uncompromising approach to production as well as their suppliers.

Nordic Ethanol


Secret Sauce

Nordic Ethanol both produce organic grain to glass craft spirits as well as a broad portfolio of organic spirits based on European rectified wheat spirit. Having both options offer a flexible and diverse approach to all their customers’ needs and demands in terms of flavours, aromas and alcohol profile. The botanical spirits in their main brand, Nordic EtOH, is based on 5 column distilled wheat spirit, which gives an extremely clean and soft fundament to build on additional flavours from all the botanicals without the spirit disturbing, but gives room for essential oils and botanicals to shine.