Premium Botanical Distillates with NO alcohol and LOW calories

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Full on flavour, low on liquor

Nolow was created to cater to modern palates’ demands for flavourful drinks that don’t require alcohol to provide that satisfying kick. The Provençal spirit wizards over at Aelred distillery came up with formulations of carefully selected botanicals and essences to bring Nolow into existence, using their expertise in distillation, and their focus on provenance and sustainability, to create a product that provides full-on flavour for the modern, health-conscious drinker.



Getting to the heart of things

The folks at Aelred have spent a long time building their distilling expertise, and in creating Nolow they have put their well-honed craft to work. Paying attention to the flavour composition of each botanical and essence used in their non-alcoholic spirits, Nolow uses a careful cutting process during distillation to ensure that the ‘aromatic heart’ of each ingredient is captured, creating flavours that are distinctive and full-bodied.