A magical reinvention of the Dutch national spirit, Genever.

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Bringing back the classics

During a boozy night in Amsterdam, two Dutch friends cracked open a bottle of genever. They were reminded how good it really was and wondered why their national spirit with over 400 years of heritage had lost its edge.

They set out on a mission to create their own version of their beloved spirit that would resonate with their modern drinkers. After a lot of experimentation and diligence, the brand Kever Genever was born. Their innovative yet historical lines of drinks can be described as smooth, fat, botanically-loaded bombs of flavor!



A taste not to be missed

Reuben and Sebastian see genever as the bridge between gin and whisky. It has the maltiness and softness of whisky and the botanicals of gin. They see it as a dream flavour combination that makes it a versatile mixer for a wide variety of cocktails. Each genever in their collection is artisanally produced by their master distiller, Arthur Kruijt, and all come with their own unique flavour, focus, and characteristics.