Erika Spirits

A range of French craft spirits distilled with honey and pollen

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A sudden inspiration

A beekeeper, a professional chef, and a mixologist walk into a bar. This is the story of Paul, Vianney, and Thirion - three childhood friends who grew up together in the south west of France. One evening in late 2017 they were all sitting around a restaurant table together in Bordeaux, chatting about different types of spirits, notably gins. Then, the idea hit them - why not try to make their own? By 2018, they put their words into action, and created their first spirit, Erika Dry Gin.

Erika Spirits


A still with a difference

Before producing their own gin, the team called upon Philippe Laclie - the director of the ancient Bercloux distillery in Cognac. Philippe uses a Stupfler still, which differs from ordinary stills as it can distill liquids containing solid parts. As the first Erika gin contains eight different botanicals, this was an attractive feature for them. The aromas and flavours produced using this method retain an incredible freshness and authenticity.