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Laying down roots

Raised in Oaxaca, Francisco Javier Perez Cruz saw the hardship that followed families making mezcal. This was part of their heritage but the life was hard and unsustainable, forcing families to separate. Working alongside his mother and brother over several years, he went from Treasurer of Ejutla to Mayor, and was eventually elected president of the National Mezcal Council. He later received federal funding to establish nurseries and reopen distilleries around Ejutla. He founded the Consejo Oaxaqueño del Maguey Mezcal (Oaxaca Mezcal Maguey Council) as a platform for local mezcaleros and members of the industry to organize.



Signature stills from Ejutla

In Ejutla, the stills most commonly used are outfitted with a "refrescador". This particular still's design consists of a large pot which surrounds the heads of the still and the copper plates inside. The pot is continuously filled with cold water. This unique configuration allows for what we fondly call the "Happy Hour Distillation" (2 distillations in 1 eight hour pass) and creates a mezcal light in smoke and full of bright verdant flavours.